Terms of Sale

Thank you for contacting VNN Services.

We guarantee accurate descriptions and high-quality electronic components, as mentioned on our website. We also check the item under the microscope before packing it for shipping. To protect customers/users from shipping damage, item mismatch or parts missing, etc., we provide five days (From the date of order delivery) to report the complaint and raise a ticket.


Payment is due immediately unless you have previously applied for and negotiated extended payment/credit terms. Please note that we cannot accept orders that are less than 150 euros. We accept all forms of payment including Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Money Order, Bank Wire Transfer or Company Cheque. No personal cheques please.

Prices do not include the cost of packaging, freight, insurance, customs duties or VAT.


We strive to minimize the impact of returns. Due to the nature of the products we are selling and our strict quality control policy, we cannot offer order cancellation and return/replacement without a valid reason. Please be aware that the cost of returns is always borne by the sender. If the return is the result of our problem, we will cover the cost of the return.

  • Returns are accepted within 180 days from the date of issue with a valid reason. We cannot accept returns for shipping damage after the 5 day review period mentioned above. The regular return policy refers to all other valid return reasons.

Please contact VNN at refunds@vnnpart.com to start up a return. Material must be in NEW and resaleable condition unless you are sending a failure analysis report. Your return may be routed to a location to minimize your shipping cost.

We do process a $35 euro restocking fee on all returns regardless of cause.

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